When kind of embroidery backing should I use with sheer fabric?

A soft, sheer, textured backing, polymesh was developed for use with sheer fabrics, such as tulle and chiffon, and lightweight garments, such as T-shirts and polos. The texture allows polymesh stabilizer to hold a large number of stitches, despite its light weight, which reduces the number of pieces needed to stabilize the garment.


Because polymesh is sheer and light, show-through is minimized on garments. Polymesh can also help eliminate the unsightly wad of cutaway or tearaway backing that is often employed to hold a large number of stitches on flimsier materials.


A fusible version is also available with all the qualities of regular polymesh, but it can be fused by heat to the decorated material. Fusible polymesh has two main uses. One use is as a skin protector. Using a fusible polymesh is common for those who embroider baby and children’s clothes. The fusible polymesh is sealed over the back of the embroidery to protect delicate skin from irritation. The second use is to stabilize stretchy or flimsy fabrics. Because fusible polymesh literally fuses to the material, it provides an extra layer of stability and helps minimize stretching when embroidering performance garments or flimsy fabrics.


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